Welcome to the home of Hi-Country Beef Jerky & Wild Game Seasonings from Lincoln, Montana! Featuring Made in Montana items, including huckleberry products, homemade fudge, pet treats, gift boxes, & much more...
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What People are Saying...

  • “I finally found it. I had your product about 18 years ago now and thought it was the best beef jerky I’ve had. Unfortunately I did not remember the name of your product and looked for it off and on trying random brands and not finding satisfaction. A few days on a road trip to Canada when driving through Montana and we stopped for gas, as soon as I saw the bag i was excited thinking i might have stumbled upon a gold mine. I bought a bag and from the first bite i knew I had found it. On my next stop i bought 4 more bags, I should be set for at least a month :) It is as amazing as it was 18 years ago. Great job!”

    Ryan – Crystal Lake, IL 02/20/2013

  • I’m committed to purchasing Montana-made gifts for my out-of-town family members, and I find Hi-Country a business well worth supporting. Their online ordering and shipping system is easy to use–haven’t had one problem in four years of ordering and shipping three gifts per year. And my family members love the gifts! I buy jerky whenever I drive through Lincoln and enjoy it myself.”

    Anonymous – Missoula, MT 1/7/2013

  • “I have been making wild game jerky for many years. My friends and family tell me this is the best jerky I have ever made. I will never use any other product. The “Smokey Bar B Que” is everyones favorite.”

    M.N. – Fruita, CO 01/20/2014

  • “We absolutely love the flavor of your original and 3 pepper seasonings for jerky. We found it in the Superior Super One grocery store a couple years back and couldn’t find it last year or this year. We bought another brand Hi-Mountain but it was nothing like your product. We drove to Rice Lake Bear Paw recently and they were all out so we had to order it online. We have enough for a while, but we sure do like it, and they do not contain wheat which is another reason we can use it. Thank you for a good product and we hope to see it in our grocery store next year hunting season.”

    Tracy – Superior, WI 01/27/2014

  • “I have been buying these Grand Champ Beef Pet Snacks for over ten years. All of my dogs love them. I use them for snacks and to occasionally entice a stubborn maltese we know, to go outside. They are healthy, portable and one of the best pet snacks on the market. Thank you Hi Country for providing these wonderful treats for our beloved pets!!”

    Pysulli – Annandale, VA 2/27/2012