Fresh Sausage Seasonings

Fresh ground sausage is traditionally the easiest sausage to make. A hand or electric grinder and a bowl is all that is needed to make great sausage when using the distinctive flavors that Hi-Country offers in this line of seasonings. These versatile flavors are good for making breakfast style sausage, as well as making delicious dishes. Simply grind and mix, then it is ready for the pan!

Fresh sausage is commonly stuffed into 21mm collagen casings for breakfast links, into natural hog casings for ring or link sausage, and sometimes into convenient burger bags for long term freezer storage. Since most home grinders already come with stuffing tubes, compliment your food prep set by carrying our casings and burger bags to provide additional flexibility to your kitchen arsenal.

Instructions include tips such as using a fine grind plate to remove any remaining “shot” from the meat. Our Hi-Country fresh ground sausage seasonings are MSG and cure free. Watch our how-to videos.

Packed 6 per case.

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20% More FREE…Seasons 35 lbs. meat

Nutrition Statement




SEASONING INGREDIENTS: Salt, Spices, Sugar, Paprika, Garlic Powder.

Seasons 30 lbs. meat

Nutrition Statement




SEASONING INGREDIENTS: Salt, Spices, Sugar, Natural Flavor.

Seasons 30 lbs. meat

Nutrition Statement