Lost Your Spice Instructions?

If you have lost the instructions for making any of our products, here they are. These pdf’s contain step-by-step instructions, along with conversion charts for making smaller batches, and tips & tricks.

Jerky Seasonings for Wild Game

Regular 14.23 oz. Box Whole Muscle Jerky

Regular 14.23 oz. Box Ground & Formed Jerky

20% More 16.95 oz. Box-Original Flavor  Whole Muscle Jerky

20% More 16.95 oz. Box-Original Flavor Ground & Formed Jerky

Variety Pack Whole Muscle Jerky

Variety Pack Ground & Formed Jerky


Jerky Seasonings for Game Bird

Whole Muscle Jerky


Ground & Formed Jerky



Fresh Ground Sausage Seasonings…

Regular 12.8 oz. Box Wild Game

20% More 15.36 oz. Box-Country Flavor Wild Game


Goose & Duck



Snack Stick Sausage Seasonings…






Dinner Style Sausage Seasonings…






Sandwich & Snack Style Sausage Seasonings…






Brine Mixes…

Smoked Fish


Smoked Game Bird



Fry Mixes…






Meat Marinades…






Slow Cooker Seasonings…






Dog Treat Seasonings…






Sausage Binders…






Curing Salt

100% Natural Hog Casings

Burger Bags

Collagen Casings

Fibrous Casings