“We absolutely love the flavor of your original and 3 pepper seasonings for jerky. We found it in the Superior Super One grocery store a couple years back and couldn’t find it last year or this year. We bought another brand Hi-Mountain but it was nothing like your product. We drove to Rice Lake Bear Paw recently and they were all out so we had to order it online. We have enough for a while, but we sure do like it, and they do not contain wheat which is another reason we can use it. Thank you for a good product and we hope to see it in our grocery store next year hunting season.”
Tracy – Superior, WI 01/27/2014

“I was apprehensive about ordering the “no added MSG” stuff, I have to admit. But as we are trying to get away from MSG, I felt I had to at least try it. To our surprise, WE LOVE IT!! It’s a bit smokier than the others, but we like that. And we really like the natural, sliced beef instead of the chopped and formed ones. I bought a variety of jerky last order, but I will be coming back for more of just this one soon. Two thumbs up!”
D.P. – Parker, CO 01/23/2014

“I have been making wild game jerky for many years. My friends and family tell me this is the best jerky I have ever made. I will never use any other product. The “Smokey Bar B Que” is everyones favorite.”
M.N. – Fruita, CO 01/20/2014

“It is the ultimate healthy snack food where ever you are, whatever you are doing…on the road, on the web, having a party, on the plane, hiking, biking, at the beach, at the ball game, etc…. You name it, there is nothing better than Elk & buffalo Snack Sticks dipped in honey hot mustard sauce. yummmmmmy!”

A.Y. – San Francisco, CA 01/04/2014

“While on vacation in Montana we asked for jerky and was told to go to Lincoln. The jerky was so good that I tried to get some here, no luck. But found out where and I ordered 5 packages. I love it.”
C.S. – Mesquite, TX 09/15/2013

“After visiting the factory, some 10 years ago, I still get excited when my Dad sends me jerky from Hi-Country for special occasions. I decided to continue the tradition and I sent some to my son for his birthday. He’s in love!”
S.J. – Albuquerque, NM 09/03/2013

“It’s the best seasoning for venison on the market. 3 Pepper go baby!”
J.S. – Allegany, NY 08/16/2013

“Long time customer but first time ordering these. My daughter suggested we give them a try and she was right. Anytime you get a product that’s better than expected, you have to be pleased.”
K.P. – Wethersfield, CT 7/22/2013

“We always have this on hand for the perfect snack/appetizer especially when we have drop-in company. Cheese, crackers, the salami and a cold beer keeps the guests coming back for more … good company and good Hi-Country food!”
J.B. – Moses Lake, WA 06/26/2013

“Bought a 1 pound bag in Richfield Utah on a trip mainly because of the low price. It was so good I ordered 2 bags when we got home as it isn’t available in our area.”
B.P. – Orange, CA 05/30/2013

“The jerky would order from Hi-Country is always fresh and has great taste. We enjoyed the basket – the jerky didn’t last long in this house because it’s so good can’t stop eating it.”
D.S. – Oviedo, FL 05/20/2013

“My Yorkies always loved these. Now we have 3 precious Pound Puppies and it is fun to watch them get so animated when they see the bag. Always a great treat to keep handy… Thank you Hi-Country.”
K.L. – Yuma, AZ 03/25/2013

I don’t usually order fudge because I have had bad experiences with online fudge orders. After receiving this order I must say it was very good and every bite was excellent. I would highly recommend this product.”
J.P. – Payson, UT 03/14/2013

“I found out about your products from a friend who makes jerky for a living, and he sure led me in the right direction. I wouldn’t use another product under any circumstances.”
Wayne – Cleveland, GA 03/12/2013

“I finally found it. I had your product about 18 years ago now and thought it was the best beef jerky I’ve had. Unfortunately I did not remember the name of your product and looked for it off and on trying random brands and not finding satisfaction. A few days on a road trip to Canada when driving through Montana and we stopped for gas, as soon as I saw the bag i was excited thinking i might have stumbled upon a gold mine. I bought a bag and from the first bite i knew I had found it. On my next stop i bought 4 more bags, I should be set for at least a month 🙂 It is as amazing as it was 18 years ago. Great job!”
Ryan – Crystal Lake, IL 02/20/2013

“We made a batch of the wild game pepperoni snack sticks and my son took a few to work with him to pass around to his co-workers who also hunt. They all wanted to know where we had that pepperoni made, and that it was the best they had ever eaten!!”
A.C. – Kent, WA 01/21/2013

“My father in law turned us on to this product and we have enjoyed it so much that we have begun to order it ourselves and have it shipped to us. This is awesome jerky and very fresh. We love it!”
J.K. – Fort Mill, SC 01/21/2013

I’m committed to purchasing Montana-made gifts for my out-of-town family members, and I find Hi-Country a business well worth supporting. Their online ordering and shipping system is easy to use–haven’t had one problem in four years of ordering and shipping three gifts per year. And my family members love the gifts! I buy jerky whenever I drive through Lincoln and enjoy it myself.”
Anonymous – Missoula, MT 1/7/2013

“As a dog breeder I can tell you I have tried all kinds of treats. These are absolutely the best ever. Makes training so much easier, I encourage anyone with a dog to buy them cause you will be as happy as I am. My dogs, and I have 11, go crazy when they see the sack. ha ha. Thanks for this wonderful product.”
G.B. – Summerville, GA 12/20/2012

“Made 180 lbs of jerky so far this year and the flavor is just right a little sweet taste to it. Over all I think this is one of your best tasting jerky seasoning you got out there. Please don’t stop making it. Got too many people that like it including me and my family.”
H.M. – Rapid City, SD 12/12/2012

“I’m hooked. After harvesting a mature mule deer a month ago, I ground the entire deer mixing in pork fat/trimming for a 65/35 mixture. I used Hi-County’s country sausage seasoning about 10% stronger than the recommendation. I now have over 100 lbs of breakfast sausage in my freezer and it cannot be beat by anything on the store shelf. Hi-Country seasoning is sooooo dang good. Worth every penny. Fantastic job to everyone at Hi-Country.”
J.W. – Nibley, UT 12/2/2012

“I have used the Jerky Seasoning for over 10 years and liked it so much I decided to try the “Snack Sticks”. They turned out great, a bag doesn’t last long when we get back to the truck while hunting.”
R.N. – Bend, OR 11/29/2012

“I’ve sampled other brands of beef jerky and I would have to say this is absolutely the best beef jerky I have ever tasted. The product comes shipped fresh right to your front door. After I finish my current stock, I’m going to order more. Plus it makes great gifts for other family and friends who enjoy beef jerky as much as I do. Keep up the good work, guys.”
K.H. – Franklin, TN 10/5/2012

“We have used it on Chinook, steelhead, and sturgeon. THE BEST BRINE EVER!!!!”
Anonymous – Walla Walla, WA 10/4/2012

“The best! I cannot duplicate your brine (Wild Fish) from a cost or quality standpoint, so why try. I would recommend this to everyone. You were referred to me by an Alaskan brother, and if he uses it, I know it is the right choice. “
Thanks, Don – Portland, OR 7/9/2012

“The dog “beef jerky treats” are the best as my little Bichon loves them. I cut them up in smaller pieces and mix with cheerios and use for a treat after she goes outside and does her jobs. When we get back inside the first place she goes and sits is by the container I store them in. It is the only jerky treat she likes!!”
D.W. – Bancroft, WI 6/4/2012

I came across Hi-Country Jerky while on a fly fishing trip to Montana. I liked it so much that I saved the bag so I would remember the brand. Now I am a junkie that orders regularly from the website!
Troy – San Diego, CA 5/4/2012

“I’ve ordered this jerky (11oz Tendersliced) over a dozen times, and done a “chew-by-chew” comparison to many different brands I’ve come across, but none of them touch the quality of your tendersliced. Every time I share it with others, they’re amazed at how much better the texture and taste are than anything else they’ve had. I think I’ve made a few “converts”. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’.”
Anonymous – Santa Maria, CA 4/10/2012

“This summer sausage (spice kit) is the best! We have made it with venison, beef, and bison. It works equally well with all 3 types of meat. I would definitely recommend this sausage seasoning to anyone who is looking to make a truly awesome summer sausage!”
Anonymous – Bassett, NE 3/7/2012

“I have been buying these Grand Champ Beef Pet Snacks for over ten years. All of my dogs love them. I use them for snacks and to occasionally entice a stubborn maltese we know, to go outside. They are healthy, portable and one of the best pet snacks on the market. Thank you Hi Country for providing these wonderful treats for our beloved pets!!”
Pysulli – Annandale, VA 2/27/2012

“I have always trusted Hi-Country Sausage Seasonings. I buy pork shoulder and butt when it is on sale and then make up to 20 lbs of Italian and Breakfast sausage. I have yet to find a product that matches Hi-Country. It is hard to find out here in the East, so it was great to order on line. Thanks Hi-Country.”
H.R. – Newark, NY 2/15/2012

“I saw this product (Meat Marinades) in a sporting goods store and was attracted by the packaging so I got some to try on deer meat. I first tried it on tenderloins and loved it. While eating I convinced my wife, who does not like deer meat unless it is cold packed or ground for chili, to try it. She enjoyed it so much, that the following weekend I used it on a lesser cut of deer steaks which she and I had for dinner. The marinade adds such a superior flavor to the meat that even someone like my wife will eat wild game. We will continue to purchase it for deer and try on other meats as well.”
Gary – Millersburg, OH 2/13/2012

“I have been working on jerky recipes since I was sixteen. At 65 I finally found the jerky seasoning spices that I like best. The superior spices ended up being Hi Country Jerky Seasonings. They are also the easiest to make jerky. After buying from Hi Country for several years, none of my 49 year jerky experiments came close to what I can buy and make from Hi Country products. I ordered the Jerky Seasonings on-line Thursday evening and received them Saturday morning. That is fast service. Thank You.”
J.A. – American Fork, UT 2/3/2012

“I love your spicy jerky seasonings. I’ve been making jerky for over 20 years and yours is truly the best I’ve ever tasted! All the others I’ve tried (including my own recipes) have been way too salty but yours is tangy, non-salty, has a bite and invites you to drink a beer! Thanks for all you do!”
D.L. – Durango, CO 1/12/2012

“I recently bought a package of your product from my local Walmart. It was the original flavor for the snack stick sausage. As a person who try’s not to buy the commercial stuff too often, I thought I’d give it a try. Any how I put down a nice 6×6 this last Oct, and at the cost to have Jerky made from the processor we’ve just had most of the elk made in to Burger. We eat a lot of it:) I used your blend on a couple of pounds as a test, not wanting to break out the smoker and go through that for a couple of pounds, I used the old oven method. On low at 170 for about 4 hours then bumped it to 190 for an hour then dropped it back to 170 for an hour and a half. It was the best I’ve ever had. I am defrosting another 5lbs to make more. I don’t think I can get enough of the stuff. I will be recommending it to everyone I know. Thanks for making a great product and you’ve won a solid costumer for life.”
Doug – Colorado 1/6/2012

“Outstanding product I lived in Montana for 6 years and Hi-Country was the only jerky and seasoning I would use. I am very glad I was able to use your website to continue purchasing this outstanding product while living in GA.”life.”
B.K. ~ Waverly Hall, GA 1/5/2012

“We have been enjoying your product for years, have sent it around the world when the boys, now great men, were stationed across this globe. Today, as we are still separated by distance we still send a touch of Montana to our children.”
C.K. – Independence, OR 1/2/2012

“I’ve always loved Jerky Chew and my favorite as a kid was made by King B, but that brand disappeared long ago. All my life I looked for another chew that was as good. In a recent trip a few years ago through Montana, I saw your Hi-Country brand, and absolutely loved it. It is the closest to my childhood favorite that I’ve ever found. When I got home I made a note of your website and kept it in my favorites. I always planned on eventually ordering some, and got around to it this year for Christmas, and so far, it hasn’t disappointed. All that is really available around here is Jack Links and it’s so ordinary and bland. Your Jerky Chew is far superior to anything currently available and I will have it all eaten in a month, then try to convince the wife to let me order more. 🙂 Thank you for a wonderful product, and helping bring back memories of my childhood.”
Ray – Moorhead, MN 12/26/2011

“I first heard about Hi-Country when I received a gift box from my family in Montana. I have ordered from them now for the last couple of years. The products they offer are high quality and the range offered makes it easy to find something for everyone. The service is unbelievably fast and the gift boxes are received well packaged so look nice to give as gifts. Can’t say enough good things about this company.”
Anonymous – Cambridge, NE 12/20/2011

“I grew up in Montana, and my family still lives there. I visit every summer for about 6 weeks. I miss certain things I “can only get there” and Hi-Country jerky has been one. That is, of course, until I started ordering online! My entire family is addicted to it!”
L.R. – Aurora, IL 12/14/2011

“Our toy poodles Cosmo Topper and Francis Albert Sinatra (Frankie) came to live with us in March 2000. They are nearly 12! The breeder gave us a few of the jerky snacks(Grand Champs) as that is what they were used to. We used to be able to order them from pet suppliers, but everyone discontinued carrying them, I think because of their quality–other treats are less expensive (and of lesser quality in our opinion.) When I finally located Hi-Country, my guys were VERY HAPPY! These are the only treats they get, and, since they are smaller consumers, it’s easy to break the treats into smaller pieces. Also, they get more. It’s not about the size, it’s about the number–Topper can count to 5. You must continue to carry these because no one else does, and there’s no way I can explain to Topper and Frankie if they go away. Thank you from our guys!”
Anonymous – Chesapeake, VA 12/7/2011

“Hello, I’m a Machine Gunner in 1st battalion 3rd Marine Regiment out of Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii and I’m currently deployed to Afghanistan. However I originally hail from Helena, MT. I wanted to tell you that recently my father mailed me a care package and enclosed was several bags of your jerky and it really brought the taste of home here, I’m sure as you can imagine we all get very homesick, especially myself being from the greatest state in the US! I wanted to thank you all for such a quality product its reasons like that why Montana is the best. Thank you again the taste of home really brought a smile to my face!”
L/CPL J.J. ~ Hawaii 10/19/2011

“My Soldiers and I absolutely love HI-COUNTRY JERKY. My Wife sends it to us on a monthly and sometime bi-monthly basis here on my deployment over sea. Thank you for making such a great American snack item at such a great price. I love it.”
SSG P.D. ~ Kuwait 5/20/2011

“Dear Hi-Country, I am currently deployed at Qatar with an Air Force unit from Montana and i received the best beef jerky of my life from you guys. I will never buy beef jerky from anywhere else again. You have a lifelong customer. Thanks again for supporting us and for providing QUALITY snacks.”
S.A. ~ APO 2/22/11

“Hi-Country spice packets are absolutely the best on the market. The spices are delicious and well-balanced, there is more than enough in each package to prepare the amount of meat listed, and the instructions are simple and easy to use. I have tried several other brands of spice packets and none are are good as Hi-Country’s. Thanks Hi Country for making great products!”
S.B. ~ MT 1/17/2011

“I just wanted to say how much I love and appreciate your company. This year I have spent quite a bit of time searching for retailers or meat processors that would sell me some salami casings and breakfast sausage seasoning. No one is willing to provide either because they feel they are losing business. I just happen to purchase some of your beef jerky for a cow elk hunt I was embarking on. As I was feasting I turned the package over and saw your add for casings and wild game seasoning. Once I got home I opened up your website and absolutely feel in love. Not only did you offer everything I was wanting you also offered video clips with helpful tips and processing ideas. A short time later I ordered some of your bulk summer sausage and country breakfast sausage seasoning along with some casings. In a few days I found myself processing my own breakfast sausage in my kitchen. After frying up a sample, I was so impressed that I processed all of my scrap elk meat into breakfast sausage. I now have about 45 pounds of delicious breakfast sausage in my freezer. Thank you so much for such a quality product and quality website. I will now order everything from you guys. You are truly a company that has the best interest of the customer in mind. I will tell everyone I know about your company, keep up the good work. Thanks again!
J.W ~ Nibley, UT 1/11/2011

“My wife and won a trip to the crazy mountain ranch out side of Clyde Park for New Years through Marlboro. While at the ranch they had beef jerky, I love beef jerky and kept asking were they got it from one of the staff finally found out and gave me the info. I just wanted to let you know that your beef jerky is the best we have ever had, hands down! I was thrilled to find your website and that I could buy it online. I can’t wait to get it shipped to me! Thanks for a great product!”
B.C. ~ Vacaville, CA 1/4/2011

“Hello There, I have enjoyed jerky my whole life and I have been very dissatisfied by the taste and price of the store bought brands. I recently purchased a bag of your original jerky and i was delighted to find that not only was it well priced, it also had an amazing taste and texture. I wanted you to know that I will keep purchasing your jerky on a regular basis and instruct my friends and family to do the same. Keep up the good work!”
Sincerely, D.D. ~ Key West, FL 9/15/2010

“Dear Hi-Country, I am deployed to Afghanistan right now and a friend of mine received a care package with your beef jerky in it. I have to say it is some of the best beef jerky I have ever tasted! After ten years in the Army and three deployments under my belt that’s a lot of beef jerky. Thanks for the an awesome product!”
SSG D.P., Master Gunner ~ 8/26/2010

“I just wanted to take time to write you and complement your Beef Jerky Honey Kist. My name is SSgt David Trujillo I am currently station In Iraq with the US Air Force. My friend introduced me to your Jerky and I have been addicted to it ever since! Thank-You so much and I cannot wait to get back home, drive to Montana, and buy some!”
Always, D.T. ~ 5/4/2010

“Hi! I just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful product! My brother (a 1st Lieutenant) returned from Iraq in June, and one of the things that was consistently requested by various soldiers he met was Hi-Country Jerky. Of course, we sent quantities to him in care packages. I’m sure the jerky was incredibly appreciated – I know that it was a little reminder of home. He sure seemed appreciative for it when he returned. Also, being that I have family in Lincoln, I wanted to give a warm Oklahoma “hello” to you as well. Thanks again for making such a great product! I LOVE your jerky!”
J.L. ~ OK 1/25/2010

“I want to thank you for your quick processing and sending of my previous order. I was impressed. I can see how your products are going to be habit forming. My wife’s cousin from Heron, MT introduced me to your jerky when we were out there this fall elk hunting. That gave me the idea of using your products for Christmas gifts this year. I think they are going to be a popular item.”
Thanks C.A. ~ Lindstrom, MN 12/23/09

“So I’m sitting here at the fire station in Baghdad, Iraq and in walks a firefighter from Great Falls, MT who I’m deployed with. In his grubby little hands he is carrying a bag of Hi-Country Original Beef Jerky. So he says to me, wanna try the best beef jerky in the world? I said oh do you have some Jack Link’s? He say’s heck no, try this. So I did try it. I must say you folks from Montana sure do have one helluva good jerky recipe. I have never seen you brand before but you have won over a new customer. I have saved your website and will order some beef jerky to enjoy!”
MSgt M.S. ~ Iraq 10/19/09

“Hello, I am a hunting guide living in Denver right now. I bought a one pound package of your peppered beef jerky at Wal-Mart about a week ago and it was probably the best I have ever tasted. It beat ‘Oberto, Jack Links, and the rest.’ Keep up the good work.”
L.S. ~ Colorado 10/05/09

“I’m a member of the Army National Guard currently deployed to Iraq. I absolutely love Hi-Country Jerky! Nothing makes my day like opening a package from home that contains jerky from my home state of Montana, its a little taste of home in every bite and i would like to thank you for making such a fine product.”
Sgt J.B. ~ Inf Iraq 8/8/09

“I am a Petty Officer in the US Navy, and I would just like to thank you folks there at Hi Country for doing such a quality job. I’m from Helena originally, and my friend ordered me a bunch of jerky from you folks there, cause she remembered that Honey Kist was my favorite flavor. Heck, it’s the jerky I grew up eating! I shared some with the ship, and it’s been a big hit onboard! I tell you, nothing raises morale of people stuck out in the Persian Gulf like something good to eat. So once again, thanks for your support, and I look forward to ordering some more huckleberry stuff next!”
J.M. ~ Persian Gulf 7/20/2009

“I just purchased some of your jerky and sausage on a trip through Montana back to a class reunion in Fort Benton. I have driven by many times in the past but have never stopped. I shared your jerky and sausage with some of the folks at work and all were very pleased. Expect some orders over the internet from some of them. I passed around your address and phone numbers. Again, great products, I could stay in the store for hours just tasting. Was hard to decide which was best. We bought some of each flavor of jerky and sausage. Will be ordering again soon!”
K.N. ~ Burbank, WA 7/17/2009

“Good Morning, I am a Montana native, and I’m currently deployed in Iraq with the Air Force. I just wanted to send an email letting you know how popular your Jerky has become in the work place here at Joint Base Balad, and I thought I’d share a picture with you. It was taken during a mild dust storm, on a hardened bunker that was formally owned by Saddam.
My friends and family back home ask what then can send to us, and I always request Hi-Country. My fellow co-workers have fallen in love with it and won’t eat anything else! With that, thank you for what you do, and please, oh, please don’t stop making the best beef jerky ever!”
Senior Airman E.N. ~ Iraq 7/14/2009

“Recently I purchased some of your jams, jerky seasoning and other merchandise. The jams had some how opened in transit. I had a friend that recommended me to you because of the really good jerky seasoning and when I saw the jams and jerky’s I had to get some for my Father for a gift on Father’s day. I am very thankful that you take care of your customers. You sent out 2 more jams for the ones that were open. I would recommend you to all of my family and friends. I will continue to shop with you. Thanks Again!”
A.N. ~ San Diego, CA 6/24/2009

“Hello! Just wanted to let you know that you make the best spices around (as if you didn’t already know?) On a recent trip to visit family in Colorado, I brought along some buffalo jerky I made with your spices. My brother in law brought them to his construction site and eventually had to cut everybody off from helping themselves. One of them is a hunting guide down there, and he never tasted jerky that good in all the decades he’s been hunting. Also, I made a batch of buffalo kielbasa using your spice and casing package. My father, 83, is Polish and my mom, 84, is German, and they have never had kielbasa that tasted as delicious as that- she won’t buy any in the store anymore. As for myself, I have always HATED store bought kielbasa (you’ll note how I emphasized the word “hate”!), but I was happily shocked to find out that this was not only good, it was fantastic!! I love it!! Thanks for making such great products! Keep up the good work!”
S.R. ~ Helena, MT 4/28/2009

“Wow that’s fast! I can’t wait to buy the bulk spices for my jerky. Gotta wait till next payday though. In the meantime, my coworker is hounding me for more jerky. You guys have an awesome product!!!”
M.L. ~ Everettt, WA 4/22/2009

“Oh I am so excited for this beef jerky. I am sharing with my office here in Las Vegas. I used to live in Missoula and would get this jerky often. Keep up the great quality. Happy New Year!”
L.J. ~ Las Vegas, NV 1/7/2009

“Thank you for providing this valuable service to our troops. My son loves your jerky and I am so glad you are able to ship directly to him. It is a comfort to know that even overseas, in a strange land, he can taste a bit of home. This is about his 12th trip overseas and he will be away for his birthday as well as the upcoming holidays. I never know where he is being sent, USAF special operations, but know his birthday will be better because of your company. May they all return home safely. God bless you all.”
A grateful Mom K.T. ~ Livingston, MT 11/22/08

“Hi, I am so glad I found your website. Our vet used to carry your dog treats but quit and I could not find your products anywhere. A friend gave me your web site and now I have ordered direct from you. Your dog treats are the best and I will be a customer for life. I am also going to try some of your jerky products too and I am sure I will not be disappointed. Thank you and never stop making your dog treats!
D.W. ~ Bancroft, WI 10/31/08

“We have three toy poodles who have been enjoying Grand Champ since we brought them home as pups nearly nine years ago. The place I have always ordered Grand Champ is no longer carrying them. It took me a little while to locate your store online to buy directly, but I DID IT! Cosmo Topper, Francis Albert Sinatra, and Smokey say, “THanks, THanks, THanks!!!Woof Woof Woof!” and eagerly await the arrival of their old friendly treats. I have never found anything to equal Grand Champ. Thanks again.”
M.C. ~ Chesapeake, VA 10/24/08

“I love your product. Born and raised in Montana, career goals landed me in Arizona. Everytime we go to Montana we make a special trip to Lincoln for jerky and seasonings.”
M.D. ~ Scottsdale, AZ 10/01/08

“I really enjoy the jerky, sausage, huckleberry products, and everything you make. I always eat your jerky when I’m fishing, hiking, or hunting. Whenever I’m in Montana I always want to pass through Lincoln to go to your store. I hope you continue to make amazing jerky!”
J.T. ~ Friday Harbor, WA 9/24/08

“Hi… I am serving with an Attack/Recon Battalion in Basrah, Iraq. One of my Soldiers is from Montana and spoke constantly about Hi-Country Beef Jerky. His father sent some, and it arrived last night. It was amazing! I got online and ordered 4 more packages for him because he missed home so bad. Thanks so much for the quality beef jerky!”
J.T. ~ APO, New York 9/23/08

“Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I have been using your spices for several years. I have used a few other companies trying to beat your spices, but needles to say I just placed an order today with you. Just can’t beat the fantastic flavors. I use the spices for Antelope Jerky (it is my family secret).”
T.D. ~ Saratoga Springs, UT 9/3/2008

“Hello- I have been a long time customer of yours (I can’t tell you how long, but it has been several years worth), and I just wanted to let you know that I think your jerky is probably the best on the planet. I can’t say that I have ever been disappointed in your product. The taste is always consistent as well as the meat quality. I am a huge fan of your Original and Peppered flat jerky. I also enjoy the other products, but mainly I stick to the flat Original style. (The peppered is great also, but usually requires a large beverage to cool the heat!). Anyway, usually folks make it a point to write in when they have a complaint about something, but I wanted to write in and let you know I think you guys are doing a fine job with your product. I wish you folks continued success and I look forwarded into ripping into my next bag of jerky!”
Thanks, S.G. ~ Columbia Falls, MT 7/7/2008

“Hello my name is SGT Stone I am a deployed soldier in Iraq and I recently received some of your peppered Jerky and it is some of the best I have eaten. I just wanted to let you know you have a great product and it has been a great treat while deployed. Thank you for making a great product for someone that is deployed overseas.”
Thanks again, SGT Stone US Army Iraq ~ APO AE 2/29/2008

“I just wanted to let you know… I have been chewin’ jerky for many years (first time, 1974 some dried, salty animal from Africa) I have tried many varieties in many different places your jerky is the BEST!!!”
Thank you for such a wonderful food.
D.B. ~ Whitefish, MT 12/19/2007

“Thank you for your prompt response to my request for information. I have located the package from Hi-country. It seems my post office had the package since 10/4, but neglected to put a card in my box. I picked it up today and am finally enjoying my beef jerky, which is delicious. Again thank you for your great customer service, and your concern. I will be a repeat customer.”
G.N. ~ Phoenix, AZ 10/22/2007